Wednesday, July 2, 2014

FMA Video Roundup

This isn't the post I'd planned this week.  However, I've been suffering from a pretty bad infection, and thus, my attention span and writing skills have degraded.

This is my world.
So let's do an FMA video roundup today, shall we?

First up:

If you haven't gone to their channel, +Funker Tactical - Gun & Gear Videos  is one of my favorite YouTube channels around. In particular, I love the series there by Doug Marcaida.  It's hard to pick just one I love best, but here's a good one:

Next, I love watching videos of old FMA masters.  Here's an excerpt from the movie "The Bladed Hand" (I intend to review this soon, by the way) of Rodel Dagooc.

I've shared his video of our forms or kata (we call them anyos) before.  Here's the late Bob Quinn showing some basic drills of Modern Arnis.  We're working on this material now with our green belts.

We're also working on "classical strikes" with our green belts.  Here's an example of the use of "rompida" with +Dan McConnell.

And finally, here's +Dan Anderson with Countering the Counter:

I curate these, and much more material, over at my Pinterest board Modern Arnis, Kombatan and the Martial Arts.  If  you find an FMA video you really like, I'd love to see it!