Monday, June 9, 2014

SHENANIGANS: Miss USA, Feminism and Rape Culture

Ranting time.

There's a knot of so-called "feminists" out there - and yes, I put the quotation marks around that phrase because these women are very poor example of what real feminism is supposed to be about - criticizing new Miss USA, Nia Sanchez, for advocating women's self defense training as one solution to the problem of rape in our culture.  Now, this was a 30 second answer, and it's hard to go into much depth on a complex topic like this.

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These fake feminists - and yes, I'm calling you out as a bunch of fakes - say, "How about teaching men not to rape instead?"

First off - is this a binary choice?  An either/or situation?  If we teach women to defend themselves, therefore, we have no resources or time or ability to also advocate that hey, maybe people (women can and do commit rape) shouldn't rape other people (men get raped too) under any circumstances?

Seriously?  You think this?  If we do one, we can't possibly do the other?

So, you are saying that we should not advocate that women empower themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally for potentially violent situations.  Women should be helpless victims so that they have some moral authority to play the Victim card when some aberrant - and they are aberrations - male or female decides to commit rape?



That's the only explanation I can come up with if you seriously believe this bullshit.

You can't shame aberrant criminal minds into your worldview.  Rapists KNOW it is wrong.  Just as murders do, and thieves do, and vandals do.  They are criminals.  They don't care about your indignation, your victim status, or your over-privileged ivory tower worldview.

They do it because they can, and they will.  They are bad guys.  They are wolves, hungry wolves, looking to pick off the weakest member of the flock.

You do not protect the flock by trying to shame and badger the wolves into being something they aren't.  They will not listen.  They do not hear, nor do they care, about your words and your attempts at shaming.

You protect the flock by arming them with the means, tools, and wherewithal to fight back against the wolves.

It is wise for women to learn these things - to protect themselves against the small minority of bad guys that are out there.

You so-called fake feminists should be advocating women's self defense training. You should be sponsoring it our schools, on our campuses, and in our workplaces and communities.

Because there are people out there who mean to do women harm.  And no amount wishing and whiny complaining on the Internet will change that.