Wednesday, June 11, 2014

KIAAA-HA! Dustin's Dojo

Are you concerned about becoming a good martial artist?  Do you want to learn kicks, punches and combos, so you can fight off attackers?  Check out this amazing guy right here:

Check out Dustin's Dojo.

This is Dustin, and his friend (and training partner), Terry.

While they have been around for at least a year-ish now, they came to our attention via their appearance on the television show "America's Got Talent".

Dustin earned his rank and his sweet martial arts skills by attending Roger Baker's Taekwondo and Pizza  ("10 FREE PIZZAS WITH A ONE YEAR LESSON PACKAGE!!!!!")

Like many martial artists of his skill level, Dustin offers lessons online (lucky for us, his lessons are free!).  Here's a sample:

Now, Dustin offers some excellent advice for dealing with attackers.  What happens when there's a blizzard? Neither Master Ken nor Grand Master Pete offers any advice, but Dustin has your back.

One of Dustin's favorite techniques is the double elbow.

I have a problem with this, as it's almost identical to Master Ken's Thrust of Freedom:

But, given that Dustin interprets it as a strike to attackers from behind, but Master Ken is interpreting it as a grab and groin-to-groin strike, perhaps it's not that big of a deal...?

Incidentally, I can't be the only one hoping that Master Ken and his purple belt Todd meet Dustin and Terry sometime, right?

You can watch all of Dustin's awesome videos on his YouTube channel (the board breaking and salt in the eyes training is priceess),  you can like his Facebook page, you can follow him on Twitter (as well as his friend Terry)  .  I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

For some reason, I really want some pizza now.

(If you want the story behind the genius of the t-shirt Dustin wears in most of his videos, check this out: Santno Marella T-Shirt and Dustin's Dojo)