Saturday, May 3, 2014

When is a post not a "real" post? When it's this post!

I'm at MAPA today, so my "real" post for the weekend will be tomorrow, after I get time to reflect on what we did and what we learned.

The four or you or so who've read this blog for a while might not have noticed, but I try to reserve weekend posts for topics that are more personal to me, my training, what I'm observing as I learn and teach, hopefully to provoke some interesting conversation about this crazy, nutty hobby many of you reading this blog post share with me that we call "the martial arts".

I don't have anything on tap, as I'm expecting to leave the seminar with my mind buzzing a mile a minute and right now I'm more concerned about helping my teacher and the other Guros pull off a successful event.

So, here's some videos from the people teaching at the MAPA seminar today.

First up, Abel Mann Martinez.

Next, David Beck.

And finally, my teacher, Mark Lynn:

Mark's "uke" wearing a green belt in that video is my husband, by the way.

So, I"ll have more deep thoughts tomorrow - for today, I'm acquiring bruises and knowledge, yo!