Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kiaaa-HA! The Saga of Diemon Dave

Meet Diemon Dave. He's been called the Kung Fu Hillbilly and the Redneck Ninja (or the Ninja Redneck, whichever).

From the now-defunct, as you can see.

Dave first showed up on "The Jerry Springer Show" (shocker):

Now as you can see here, Dave has some pretty sweet skills.  After this successful appearance, he decided to start training the rest of us.

Unfortunately, Dave's brother's girlfriend decided to be his "ninjetty" (despite Dave already having a girlfriend), so he came back to Jerry Springer to break the news to his brother and promote his new ninja school.

  Shortly afterwards, his web site was created and this gem of a video was released.

To reiterate, you got your:
  • Judy chop
  • Karate chop
  • Ninjy chop
That's a pretty complete offensive arsenal right there.

Eventually, as usually happens, a challenger appears.

Somebody apparently is not exactly clear on the concept.  I'm looking at you, Sensei Luis.  At least, unlike so many others, Diemon Dave is willing to actually step in the ring and face a challenger.

There hasn't been anything else from Diemon Dave since 2009 or so, so we've never seen any follow-up training tapes. I was hoping to see him demonstrate the different kinds of kicks, as he refers to a "kung fu kick" in the training video.

I would love to know if this is just a regular guy who ran with this silly character, or if the guy is an actual actor somewhere.  In any case, it's one of the most memorable funny martial arts characters ever.

If you want to go to Diemon Dave's web site, here's the link: (update as of July 20, 2014 - looks like the site is gone now.  Too bad!)

I sure would love to see him return someday.  Until then, just remember:


Update (May 2018):

He's back, y'all.  HE'S BACK!! Find him on Facebook HERE.