Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Modern Arnis: Master Chuck Gauss

There's a lot of great Modern Arnis teachers out there who are just amazing.

But today, I'd like to share one of my favorites:  Master Chuck Gauss.
Master Gauss is sometimes not a very nice man.  I like that.
Master Gauss is a MOTT - Master of Tapi-Tapi, one of just a few named by the founder of Modern Arnis, Professor Remy A. Presas.  That, however, is not what's impressive about Master Gauss.

I think he brings a practical point of view to our art. It's easy to get very nerdy and complex in what we do (my mind runs that way), and Master Gauss does a great job in simplifying it and making it accessible for all of us.

First off, check this out.  It's chock full of win and awesomeness.

He also does a great job in showing applications.  For example, here he is showing an application for a flashlight (with a short rattan stick standing in as a flashlight).

Master Gauss' partner in this video is +Brian Johns at +Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts Centre Ltd, an excellent martial artist and Arnis player in his own right.

I can't share everything that's awesome about Master Gauss here, because this post would be a mile long.  Check out his YouTube channel and his school's web site

If you like Modern Arnis, you couldn't go wrong learning from Master Gauss.