Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kiaaa-HA! The Karate Rap

Oh, now this is a gem.  As a child of the '80's, it's like going home again.  A tacky home that's still decorated in pink and turquoise and Nagel prints, but still, home.

Home sweet home.
When I think of the martial arts, and Karate in particular, I think of:
  • Rap music
  • Electric blue spandex
  • Wearing your black belt with your bath towel
  • Keytars and Solid Gold Dancers
Thus, I give you, the Karate Rap.  You really must watch the entire thing.

  • KUMITE!  Keytar solo 
  • Name checked:  samurai, shogun, sensei and ninja.
  • "Ninja" is rhymed with "car"
  • At once point she calls herself a "Samurette"
  • "Body" is rhymed with "Karate" (repeatedly)
  • It doesn't matter what color belt you wear, but... black belt makes her heart melt
  • "Quickens" is rhymed with "dickens"
  • Karate wife, two karate kids, karate dog and karate parakeet
  • Karate means never having to say you're sorry
  • You can play "spot the dude" with the three Geisha
  • Boards are broken and Kiai are spoken (oh no, it's INFECTING MEEEEE)

Relax, and breathe.  Keep training, you'll get it.