Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Modern Arnis: Master Ken Smith

Today I want to feature an excellent martial artist and Modern Arnis player: Ken Smith.

Image from Master Smith's Google Plus Page
Ken Smith is a MOTT - a Master of Tapi-Tapi - and I love how smooth and fast he flows.  Very enjoyable video to watch.

Master Smith is really good at incorporating the teachings of kyusho and pressure points into Modern Arnis applications in particular, and I use his videos as a reference point often.

First up - the Kitchen Sink.  This is just why our art is so darn fun.  It's hard NOT to smile when you get to do this sort of thing.

This sort of thing just makes me giddy.

Next - in our classes, we refer to this as one of our "policing techniques".  Watch how he gets the lock.

He also incorporates one of my favorite kicks (mule kick to the back of the knee).

See more of Master Smith's videos at his YouTube channel, or find him at his web page