Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kiaaa-HA! Grand Master Pete and Yung Kwang Gojo Soo Fu Do

I ran across this before I discovered "Enter the Dojo", and I think it's every bit as funny and on-target.  Even though it looks like they've given up developing more content, it's worth your time to check out everything they did.

This is the story of Grand Master Pete and Source's Yung Kwang Gojo Soo Fu Do at Source USA Martial Arts.

Grand Master Pete has studied 11 different martial arts, is in dozens of martial arts organizations and halls of fame, and has a list of accomplishments that includes "Helped bruce lee get into the movies" (sic) and "Trained Elvis Presley under the direction of Ed Parker".

Grand Master Pete has developed the best home study course ever.  You too, can be a martial arts school master!

Grand Master Pete has a cadre of excellent instructors to assist you in your martial arts learning journey.  Here they are in a variety of inspiring martial arts poses.

The kid is their their "S.W.A.T. Team Leader" and teaches the adults class on Friday and Saturday nights.

Just like "Enter the Dojo", this was produced by real martial artists from a real martial arts school - a normal one - in Milwaukee, WI (Sorce Martial Arts).  Thus, they hit home on a number of topics near and dear to the martial arts community, including:
  • Ridiculous name for the martial art (S.Y.K.G.S.F.D. is a great abbreviation, no?)
  • Online video instruction
  • "McDojos" and franchised martial arts schools that don't require any actual martial arts knowledge
  • Colorful gis and foam weapons
  • Instructors who claim to have studied (and mastered) dozens of martial arts
  • Belt stripes - lots and lots of belt stripes
  • Championships and Halls of Fame in fake or "pay for play" organizations
  • The Elvis Presley Connection
  • The Bruce Lee Connection
  • Kid black belts teaching 
I'm sorry it didn't take off as well as "Enter the Dojo" did, because this is very, very on-target.

I suspect it didn't resonate as much as "Enter the Dojo" because it's a little too self-referential.   Non-martial artists might not get that Source USA is a parody - the targets that Source USA is skewering actually do look exactly like this, so it's not perfectly clear it's a joke to outsiders.

I hope someday they'll offer up an update at Source USA Yung Kwang Gojo Soo Fu Do. Maybe Grand Master Pete and Master Ken could meet!

Before I end this post, I just have to share one more video.  You can see them all on their site or at You Tube.  I love this one because, well, it's making fun of my art.  Also, do these guys look like they're guiding an airplane into the gate, or what?