Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hitting the Bags

In Modern Arnis, we  train "alive", in that much of what we do involves pairs of people trading off hitting each other, versus hitting or kicking in the air.

Like most martial arts, we are holding back a bit, and not coming with as much force as we might in real life, because we don't want to hurt our partner.  This is a learning situation, not one in which we are trying to "gotcha" our training partners - well, not usually, anyway.

Starting (almost) day one, we are always faced with the possibility of injury, mostly that of getting hit with a stick, or worse (and yes, it's worse) injuring a training partner because we aren't hitting with the appropriate force or the right target or angle.  It's one of the things we have to overcome to do our martial art - the fear of injury.

When you work with weapons making contact, the risk of serious injury goes up considerably.

However, it's also important for us to be able to hit things as hard as we like, without the worry of hitting our partner.  Thus, we hit the bags, both with sticks, and as you can see here, empty hand, too.

Yes, we do hit stuff without a stick!
Especially when you're new, you have to let some of the pressure of defending perfectly and the fear of harming your training partner.  That is the fun of hitting the bags, the "letting go" for a little bit and just coming as hard and fast as you can.

So it's fun, and as we all know, it's good exercise too.

I'm teaching today.  Guess what we're doing.

Chuck likes hitting stuff.