Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kombatan: Lessons from Great Grandmaster Ernesto Presas

While most of what I study some directly from Professor Remy Presas' Modern Arnis, there are also a lot of techniques that come from his brother Ernesto Presas' Kombatan.

GM Ernesto engaging
in badassery, as was his wont.
Here's a great video showing some techniques we practice in our classes at Hidden Sword Martial Arts. It's not the best quality video, but really I enjoy what he's doing here.

Nice use of  abanico strikes in there, huh?

Check this one out, which is a basic overview of the art of Kombatan.  You can tell when it was filmed, as it was around the time of the death of GM Ernesto's brother, Professor Remy Presas.

In the double stick demo, this is exactly the material we teach our white and yellow belts.  I have found this blocking pattern to be very helpful when translated to the empty hand, as it's very applicable in self defense situations.

Finally, here's another video, which is showing his famous "blindfolded" drill.  The truth is that this is all a pattern - he knew which strikes were coming where - but it looks awfully impressive, doesn't it?

There's so much more from him - and I'll make sure to share more in the future with his son Jon-Jon, as I think he's pretty good, too.