Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kiaaa-HA! Enter the Dojo (and why it's awesome)

If this is new to you, and you're a martial artist, you gotta be living under a rock. Please, make sure your offline martial arts friends have seen this (yes, we are NOT the most wired community, are we?) because they will thank you.

Developed by independent filmmaker and actor (and martial artist) Matt Page of Albequerque, NM, "Enter the Dojo" is a web series about Master Ken and his art of Ameri-do-te.

Art Motto: "Best of all, worst of none."

Here's the first episode:

But here is my favorite one thus far:

Oh, ninjas... I love you so.

Plus, there's all sorts of extra content!  Like this one:


And this one, which was issued just after Anderson Silva broke his leg in UFC 168 in a particularly brutal fashion:

You can watch all of "Enter the Dojo" here: "Enter the Dojo"

Page also offers live shows and seminars, so it's very possible you could see him do this LIVE in your area soon.  To learn more, go to Master Ken Live.

Here's the genius of what Page has done:

By making up Ameri-Do-Te, he is able to poke fun at every single other art that really exists, versus what happens in, say, "The Foot-Fist Way" with its skewering of certain kinds of Tae Kwon Do (I enjoy that movie but I know lots of TKD folks who hate it - and the director is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in TKD, so he does know the subject and the culture).

We're all fair game, because we all, in our hearts, believe just as Master Ken does - that every other art but ours is bullshit.

Thus, there is an endless array of things to skewer, and all of us are in on the joke (except for the humorless weirdos that think that "Dojo" is real - read some of the comments on the videos for some great examples).

Page knows us, loves us, and is one of us, and that's why the comedy resonates, versus just being a skewering parody by an outsider.

So, look, you, pay attention to this show, share it with your friends, and when they run a Kickstarter to fund the show, pony up.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to practice my Kill Face.