Saturday, December 28, 2013

What I'm going to do in 2014 in the Martial Arts

Let me make this clear - this is not a "New Years Resolution", as I find those kind of annoying (and people forget them rather quickly).  But here's what I want to accomplish in 2014.

I will refrain from cutting people.  Probably.
I will dramatically increase my skill in tapi-tapi and espada y daga, not only in smooth action but in overall body of knowledge.

I will decrease my pants size by two sizes - and get a new uniform as a result!

I will increase my upper body strength by a factor of two - that is, I will, by the end of the year, be able to lift twice as much weight as I can now and apply twice as much force.

I will attend at least two martial arts seminars.

I will improve my footwork - angle stepping, judging the appropriate distance, getting to the outside, with smooth, natural motion.

I will learn the Jo.

I will compete in one tournament.

I will continuously improve my teaching skills, including studying more about how to effectively communicate information to students.

What are your goals in 2014?  I'd love to know!