Friday, December 6, 2013

Enter the Stick Chick

Well, hello, there.

Me, making the obligatory
"Modern Arnis" pose.
I'm Jackie B., and I fight with sticks.

Okay, not really - I can fight with anything, I guess, as well as an empty hand, but the martial art I practice, Modern Arnis, is best known for using rattan sticks.

I didn't start studying any martial art until shortly before I turned 40 years old.  I started in a variant of Tae Kwon Do but quickly took up Modern Arnis and I have been studying it, off and on, for about five years. 

I took a short break when I was pregnant with my younger daughter and studied tai chi, and I have also studied, at times, RyuKyu Kempo, Kyusho-jitsu, and have had some exposure to Small Circle Jujitsu.

I study Arnis at Hidden Sword Martial Arts today, and as you can see by my picture, I'm now Dayang Isa (first degree Black Belt).  I was promoted in August 2013 (I'll tell that story another time), with my husband (he is Lakan Isa - the title is different if you are male or female).

I'm currently studying a version of Arnis that is mainly a blend between Remy. A Presas' Modern Arnis and Ernesto Presas' Kombatan.  I plan to start studying kobudo weapons in January 2013, starting with the Jo.

So, that's me - in the future, I plan to blog about the martial arts, Arnis, and related topics.  Hope you enjoy!